Defacing MRI images

In this post, I’ll describe how to use FaceOff to deface anatomical MRI images.


Is ANTs installed? If not,

Navigate to the directory where you want to download the FaceOff repository (e.g. ~/Code/Sources) and run:

git clone

Set FaceOff to PATH:

echo 'export PATH=~/Code/Sources/faceoff:$PATH' >> ~/.bashrc

Make FaceOff executable:

chmod +x ~/Code/Sources/faceoff/FaceOff

Reload shell or open a new terminal and run:

FaceOff -h

Example use-case:

FaceOff -i sub-01-mp2rage-t1w.nii.gz -n 12

Before a.k.a FACE-ON
After a.k.a FACE-OFF


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